Hoku Murals

MEAR ONE’s: “Mother of MU”

Aloha Earth People! If you haven’t been following me on social media I wanted to make sure I share with you a project I completed last month that holds a very special place in my heart.


A beautiful family out in Kauai commissioned me to paint two collaborative visions for their natural foods market that would serve as our gifts to the community. The first was a large canvas for their interior, inspired by my ’07 silkscreen “Cultivate Love”, gifted to them years ago by a mutual friend of ours. Check out the progression of this piece below.


The second piece named “Mother of MU”, the great mother of earth, (as seen to the right, is my Gaia offering to this magical isle and pays homage to the ancient Polynesian history that carries its mystical spirit through to Hawaii and its people today. Her mythology lives on through the wisdom keepers of this ancient lineage and knowledge who work, as their ancestors did, in harmony with the earth. Her nurturing life-force, constant and metaphysical in nature, guided me in this tribal vision. See below to watch the full-length video of its creation from start to finish!


Mad love to Erik, Margaret and their adorable daughter Zoe! If the environment we live in is reflective of who we are, the Hoku family shines exactly that – healthy, organic, love and beauty for each other and our planet. Make sure you stop in and say hi next time you’re in Kauai!

Watch the full-length video of MEAR ONE’s creation,
“Mother of MU”, from start to finish!

Mother of Mu Mural at Hoku Foods Kapaa Kauai




MEAR ONE’s: “Cultivate Love”

This 16′ x 4′ acrylic on canvas now graces the wall above the bulk bins at Hoku Foods Natural Market.


Set amongst verdant fields of organic vegetation and local flora and fauna sits the Earth Goddess, cultivating the seeds of revolution, cultivating love. Towering behind her is the majestic mountain ridge called Kalalea, sometimes referred to as the Praying Princess as some interpret her ridge line as a woman (pregnant) on her back with hands laced over her heart in prayer. For the people of Moloa’a in Kauai, where most of Hoku’s farmers live and work, the sight of this ridge represents fertility and home.


On the left is a view of Praying Princess from the North and pretty much my view from the top of the lift while painting the huge 40′ tall mural outside of Hoku! Kauai is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, so warm and embracing with her dense green jungles and electric jade and ultra marine waters. Surrounded by all of nature’s gold and golden people, needless to say, my mural thrived under these conditions.

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